17 October 2011


Okay so my daughter, best friend, and sister just left and I am feeling VERY alone! I am having the surgery in a German hospital so the procedure was a little different than I expected. I was told to be here on the 17th for pre-op and then that I would stay overnight and have surgery on the 18th, then to stay for 4 more nights and go home. Well first of all, we got lost on our way here so we wound up here an hour late! (Great start right?) Then we get here and instead of being put into a room where Piper, Amber and Sarah could hang out while Piper had plenty of room to play, we wound up getting told to go to the doctor’s office and sit waiting for the tests to get done all with 20-30 other people. So we sat until 2pm while they were doing their testing. I had some blood work done, an EKG, an endoscopy and then I finally got to go to my room. The girls were gone when I got here so I got to take a nap. We watched movies and hung out tonight and I got to talk to that gorgeous husband of mine! I am so grateful that he is such an awesome husband even when he is so far away!!! I am also really grateful for my friends who are willing to take great care of my beautiful little girl while Justin and I are unable to take care of her!!

I am although starving, right now; they barely let me eat anything so I have been starving all day!! I did lose 12 pounds during this liquid diet week so that’s exciting! I am so ready for the rest of my life! I love my husband and he loves me so much just as I am so I am glad that this decision has gotten to be all about me and not about wanting some to love me more! He loves me and we have a good marriage and that is enough for me. This decision gets to be about being healthier and having the ability to run around after my Piper! About being able to have a decent pregnancy and a cute pregnancy belly maybe? I love this! I am ready for this life!
Okay, now it is time to get some rest! I will be IN surgery in less than 12 hours! This is crazy exciting! And crazy scary!! Surgery is worrisome and my mommy and my love are not here and I feel like I am just taking the next step.
This is exciting and I, for one, CAN NOT wait!! 

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