13 August 2010

Day 1

So I decided that I would start a blog because we are so far away from our family and they don't really get to be involved in our day very often. We are so far away and the time change is hard to get around.
Today is just another day. Justin is working, Amber is still sleeping, Piper is playing in her swing and I am getting ready to go to the gym. Sarah and I have started working out three times a week in hopes that I can get some of this weight off and maybe build the muscles up that I lost during the pregnancy. Also, I have begun keeping track of my caloric intake. I went to the dietitian in Landstuhl and she sent me to have my metabolism checked. I have not been eating enough good foods when I "diet" so I pretty much go on a diet and don't loose anything because I am eating only 1800 calories which is 1,000 less than I need. I have been trying to learn how to eat well... it is easier said than done. I never realized how much sodium you take in everyday!
Other than figuring out how to take in enough calories without the majority of them being chocolate :), life is just good. Justin goes to the field in a week which I am upset about but we'll get through. Amber starts school back in two weeks. And Piper gets her shots on the 17th.

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